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Reinventing the Box

Strategic Creativity


If there were a black-ops team for video production - Abba would be leading the charge, providing on-site solutions in production and post -production.  With 30 years working as a producer/editor, Abba brings his real world experience  to each job. He understands the challenges of  being an editor under deadline, as well as being a manager needing to retrain staff on the latest software and hardware.


Abba  is a popular presenter at conferences and workshops around the globe. He has taught seminars at NAB, AdobeMAX, IBC, InterBEE, Macworld, and Photoshop World.

His seminars range from advanced editing techniques to directing strategies to expanding creativity and other production essentials. 

Video Production

With over 30 years of experience as a producer/writer/director, Abba can handle any size video production.  Whether you need a short commercial, or promotional video, or a full-blown training or instructional series, Abba can help you get the job done on time and within budget.   


Abba Shapiro is an Adobe master trainer, certifying university and training center instructors to teach Adobe Premiere Pro. He is also a master trainer in several non-Adobe video production tools and has helped editors migrate to the Adobe platform. Abba is the author of several video and photography titles on, including Adobe Premiere Pro Essential Training. He also has numerous on-line training courses at on lighting, color correction, and creative editing.  

Abba is an award-winning writer/producer/director with 30 years of experience in video and film production. He has worked for a wide range of commercial, corporate and federal clients, including: USA Today, NASCAR, The Associated Press, NASA, Univision, Major League Baseball, Showtime, Viacom, The Discovery Channel, and CNN.

Abba also teaches video editing on a variety of platforms, DSLR production and postproduction, scriptwriting, and Photoshop for video In addition, Abba conducts production workshops around the globe at conferences including NAB, IBC, InterBee, Photoshop World, and Macworld. When Abba is not bouncing around the globe teaching and consulting, he is probably following his passion, chasing light and shooting photos. 

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